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Trading any kind of assets always involves a significant risk and losses could exceed the invested capital. Therefore, before you engage in trading in a Forex/Digital Contracts/ CFDs brokerage, you must aware of the all the specifics and risks involved.

Using or holding cryptocurrency as a payment method or financial asset would expouse your money to a significant exchange rate risk as cryptocurrency involves a significant price volatitily within a very short period of time. Use of cryptocurrency needs siginificant up to date technical knowledge, awareness of transaction costs, possible security threats and/or mistakes. Lack of technical knowledge and/or unawareness of transaction costs, possible security threats and/or mistakes when using or holding cryptocurrency could lead to loss of your capital. Therefore, before you engage in using or holding cryptocurrency you must aware of all the specifics and risks involved.

Forex, CFDs, digital contracts, cryptocurrency are complexed financial products that needs comprehensive knowledge and experience. Therefore, not suitable for all.

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